A great fragrance! Cuddly dry down that could wear beautifully through most weather. Just not pleasant blend. Blah! Not sure if I have a bad sample or if this perfume is way overhyped to justify the price, but this barely has any smell at all. What a controversial thing! These are all 100ml EDP's Not groundbreaking, but still has something going on. • The unique formula developed by BYREDO leaves the hair luminous, nourrished and subtly perfumed throughout the day. I've wanted to smell this one for a few years. Gypsy Water de Byredo es una fragancia de la familia olfativa Amaderada Aromática para Hombres y Mujeres. Or this an olfactory fantasy of my own creation? Not worth the price tag at all, it smells like a budget fragrance. Gypsy Water. I have a really bad habit of blind buying perfume based on the name or the fragrance notes. Smell wise it’s perfect and my favorite from the house but this is a total rip off considering how terrible the performance is. Mojave Ghost 2014. Out of all Byredo fragrances I have tried (La Tulipe, Blanche, Rose of No Man's Land, Inflorescence, Mojave Ghost and Bal D'afrique), Gypsy Water is by far the only one that has the worst performance, which is a shame, because this is very lovely and refreshing. Sticking my nose on my arm and heating it up with my breath I get a slight, nondescript sweetness. Nice, but longevity is much more shortvity, everything is gone after couple of tens minutes. Both are soft and rather powdery, and neither has great staying power, which is disappointing. But it has no longevity whatsoever on the skin. It's spicy and balsamic and aromatic in a way that's entirely jarring. If only they can increase the duration of the top and middle notes and shrink the dry down a bit. Byredo Gypsy Water. It has distinctive notes, light, floral and woody all at the same time. That being said, would I wear this all the time?… No, Would it be a truly special, unique and memorable time when I choose to wear this? And I don’t know what formulations other people are trying but this lasted all day and I can still smell it on my coat in the closet. Advertisement. I think I may have found my every day scent (I don't dare say "signature" as I am a fragrance addict and quite fickle), but Gypsy Water has quickly jumped to the top for me. Then the powdery cold sandalwoody vanilla comes in and the party is over, it's more than pleasant but the magic was in the beginning and heart notes. However, Demeter is stronger and lasts longer. It’s lemony citrus, woody and sweet. BYREDO … Top notes are Juniper, Lemon, Bergamot and Pepper; middle notes are Pine needles, Incense and Orris … I only smelled this once in the shop. It's a good one to have in travel size when you need a bit of sparkling comfort. I have just retried Gypsy Water after years of having written it off as a D&G Light Blue/Tocca Colette clone. I recently took a trip to South Korea and I found a perfumery by the name of Granhand. Its a pleasant scent maybe for fall winter, but I am based in tropical climate, so this sometimes become abit too heady and heavy for me. A clean one. $180.00 (19) Free Delivery. I got acquainted with Byredo when I sprayed a bit of Rose of No Man's Land on my wrist which I instantly hated, but then fell in love with and wore for a while. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne 1 . Las Notas de Salida son bergamota, limón (lima ácida), pimienta y bayas de enebro; las Notas de Corazón son incienso, pino y raíz de lirio; las Notas de Fondo son sándalo, ámbar y vainilla. Mister Marvelous Eau de Cologne mężczyzna 2014. Like a gypsy fortune teller staring into a crystal ball of nothing. Fragrance Friday: Byredo Gypsy Water. I get vanilla, lemon and sandalwood, followed by a cedar note and a lot of iris in the drydown. Or maybe one of those young women in Tulum, Mexcio, who brought a bottle of this with her for her winter there- She's wearing white cotton and she can smell Gypsy Water every time she swings her dreds in the breeze. I really adore Gypsy Water, but was not in love at first sight. I love how varied these reviews are!!! the sandalwood note has a weird way of conveying the heat and smoke of burning sandalwood, almost magically. I bought this as a blind buy, after reading many many reviews. They are not the same, but on me the pine-y vanilla aspect is strongest in both. Cheraye C Lewis 29,118 views. I've been searching for a signature scent for what seems like eternity now. Kokain, La Prima Fragranza dei Rammstein di Blackbird77. Gypsy Water & M/Mink by Byredo Fragrantica: Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon … Love at first spritz. You are spot on and I can't stop laughing. I went to Luckyscent over Christmas and ordered a few Byredo samples and finally got to try it out. Gypsy Water by Byredo is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for women and men. I thought this was Gypsy Water. A Garden of Eden Fragrance, that is soft and playful. Like, the point to owning Byredo Gypsy Water is to take a photo of said Gypsy Water amongst your other Cool Girl Cosmetics and post it on your social media so that other Cool Girls understand that you are One of Them. Exactly my thoughts. 4.05 Buy Byredo Gypsy Water edp 12ml in Singapore,Singapore. I originally ordered several handy samples from the Byredo website, and it seemed to be great. Very soon it's completely gone. I just love it. Top notes are Bergamot, Lemon, Pepper and Juniper Berries; middle notes are Pine Tree, Orris Root and Incense; base … It's a nice, safe but not boring or generic. Shop for Byredo Fragrances. Mojave Ghost 2014. I think this one is bottle worthy if you collect incense fragrances. I will never not own this. Gypsy Water di Byredo è una fragranza del gruppo Legnoso Aromatico unisex.Gypsy Water è stato lanciato sul mercato nel 2008. Is she a good substitute, sure. Anyway it’s safe to say that this is all about vanilla. Top notes are bergamot, lemon, pepper and juniper; middle notes are incense, pine needles and orris root; base notes are amber, vanilla and sandalwood. But as it settles, it becomes very nice, an airy citrusy vanilla with a light aromatic embellishment - mostly juniper berry. At fifteen minutes post spray having a hard time detecting much more of Collete than a vanillaish skin scent, projection is non existent and GW is wafting over covering up poor Collete. Before I review Gypsy Water, I should share that I don't like floral perfumes. Maybe it's my chemistry. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. I must say my first impression of it was not great at all. 2,749 votes. It’s cool, pleasant, truly unisex. A pleasant , inoffensive and typical scent, almost too typical. from the byredo website: gypsy water is a glamorization of the romany lifestyle, based on a fascination with the myth. They have a perfume called Lucien Carr and THIS IS THE CLOSEST DUPE for Gypsy Water. Not the calm, mysterious, fresh, and intimate scent I hoped for. There's something about it that I want to reject, when I spritz it on I'm always fighting with it...it wears me. I know Gypsy Water is the most popular of Byredo's scents, and maybe even of niche perfumery in general in some parts of the world, so I ordered a sample to see if I'd fall under its spell as well. Most Viewed Women's Fragrance Products. I am shocked at the low performance of this scent. Ladies & Gents, onto the next split. It's a familiar denim jacket I would throw on because I know it looks good, but I'm not excited by it. A native Swede born to an Indian mother and a Canadian father, Ben grew up in Toronto, New York and Stockholm. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne ... FRAGRANTICA Tα Αγαπημένα Αρώματα των Editors για το 2020 (B' μέρος) από elena vosnaki. He was sniffing me the whole time and when we were out of the cinema, he asked me what I was wearing. The scent of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires illustrates the dream of a free, colorful lifestyle close to nature. I kept sniffing the cuff of my jacket and I loved it. Gypsy Water is a beautiful, mystical light fragrance. The Eau de Parfum is $230 for 100 ml, $150 for 50 ml, and $110 for three 12 ml travel sprays. Then it's mostly a pleasant, soft vanilla. It opens fresh and aromatic, with a soft lemon note bolstered by juniper and pine. I wish it would last longer, which is a problem with Byredo. Byredo Gypsy Water was developed by perfumer Jérôme Epinette. My first whiff was lemon and the faint smell of body odor. Gypsy Water was launched in 2008. On me, it's nothing but a citrus blast in the beginning, which fades into subtler notes of sandalwood and pine, still dominated by citrus. Impression upon first application was immediate vibrant pine, juniper and citrus which had me thinking this was going to develop into too masculine a scent for my liking. It's so pretty and warm, but with something masculine and mysterious. I received a sample about a week ago. A nice one. All in all, Gypsy Water is a great fragrance, but it could be better. I dont get the powdery feel. I work around it by spraying lighter. Woody , airy , fresh , free , open spaces , love . I was so excited and tried it on the day after. Byredo Gypsy Water de ralucucky. ha... my sandalwood(Santalum album from India, wild) essence oil just Gypsy Water is one-percent concentration. If this perfume were a color it would be a flat pastel yellow. I get it. Le note di testa sono Ginepro, Limone, Bergamotto e Pepe; le note di cuore sono Aghi di Pino, Incenso e Rizoma di Iris; le note di base sono Sandalo, Vaniglia e Ambra. I owned it about 5 years ago, and thought the same as many others, that it might not be worth it, since it seems to disappear quickly. Cloudflare Ray ID: 611f6afa0ab40635 Pretty high price for what it is, but I do like Bryedo perfumes. I'm light handed with scents, and wear it for myself anyways. Yes, this one's a bit cliche Bohemian. I'm heading to watch videos now. Of all the Byredo scents I've tried, Gypsy Water has to be my favourite after Bal d'Afrique. There is no Earthly reason why I should like this - and yet; I'm slowly sinking into obsession over here, Perfumites. It's so nice, a bit sweet. Both open with lemon, GW staying more true to the woods while Collete delves into something a bit sweeter. Top notes are Juniper, Lemon, Bergamot and Pepper; middle notes are Pine needles, Incense and Orris Root; base notes are Sandalwood, Vanilla and Amber. Самый ранний аромат этого бренда в нашей энциклопедии создан в 2008 году, последний — в 2020-м. Check out "The Fragrance Shop" (dot COM) USA, not uk. The perfume has very poor sillage and moderate projection. I never thought this will happen, but it seems to me that I finally found my signature scent. Spruce with some warm spices. Mister Marvelous Eau de Cologne uomo 2014. It was a powdery, sour and sweet scent, light and easy to wear. But, no. Aflam detalii despre istoria parfumurilor, descoperim locuri indepar I've wanted to buy it for a year but still haven't. I found Gypsy Water when I was looking for something suitable for every day and that you could moderate the sillage and you could feel it when close to skin. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne 1 . When I spray this on my skin, the first notes that I pick up are burgamot and lemon. It's an attractive fragrance: creamy lemon, juniper, pine & incense perfectly blended. Im snelling something floral in this right now... Weird. I have tried Tocca Collette and at first it was similar but over time it does not resembles GW at all to my nose. And remember thinking this is to much for me, but I couldnt forget it.. Okay, it's true...the longevity isn't mind blowing considering the price but the quality here is tops. You've made me excited to go see! Don’t get me wrong. tried. Same has happened with other Byredo scents. The middle notes are incense, pine needles, and orris. Gypsy Water was launched in 2008. It’s lovely I just wish the pine note lasted longer.. it disappears almost immediately. To reviewer "bourcet" below: your review of Gypsy Water is of the best and funniest reviews I've ever read on here. Gypsy Water by Byredo is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for women and men. Byredo umně spojuje kouzlo luxusního parfému spolu s uměním, designem a módou. Deep Viola 2020. Fragrantica este o enciclopedie online despre parfumuri, o revista despre parfumuri si o comunitate a iubitorilor de parfumuri. I mostly get creamy sandalwood with a soft mix of juniper and some other coniferous woods and the slightest touch of lemon. Now, I spritz one over the other and it lasts and is really pretty. Smells like freshly baked lemon cake cooling on a window, with breeze carrying in a hint of juniper. Photo Stolen Dave Collier Flickr From the Byredo site: Gypsy Water is a glamorization of the Romany lifestyle, based on a fascination for the myth. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne unisex 2014. If I were on a plane ride I would love to smell this on a fellow passenger! The only noteworthy difference on me is the sandalwood in this one, which I wish was stronger because I'm dying for it, instead it faints very quickly into some vague powder-ish thing, plus some citruses, gone in 5 mins. I get a lot of vanilla pine on my skin with some incense in the background. so I went to the shop and purchased the G. Water of course. This scent is not a good perfomer by any stretch of the definition, but the soft longevity suits the scentcharacter. On clothes she does better but GW is holding strong, now reminiscent of some of the beauty of tam dao but more sophisticated and mysterious, less linear. A bit disappointed, to be honest. Edited to add: Someone's downvoting me for the truth, yo. Gypsy Water Eau de Cologne was launched in 2014. its a very happy smell. There's something about this that feels restrained, simple, and elegant, and perfectly suits me as a counterpoint to my louder days. i like it a lot. Yuck. I could care less for fresh fragrances (gourmand lover here ) But this one was a love at first sniff for me. Gypsy Water is an apt name for this fragrance. I can spritz it in the morning and still catch whiffs at bedtime. I struggled to realize where I've smelled it before, and then it came to me. This is perfect for an admirable woman ... plus I tried it on my skin and it dissipated in less than a hour and became a skin scent just like most other Byredo's fragrances ... well except BdA - which doesn't go beastmode at all but it's not bad either. 19:45. Space Rage include un parfum in editie limitata si o lumanare parfumata care "literalmente miroase a spatiu".Cactus Jack este numele marcii si casei de discuri detinute de Travis Scott. If I try really hard I can catch a bit of that creamy sandal I was longing for. But then, almost immediately, the warm, vanilla, sandalwood and amber started peeking through and then I thought "this is interesting". The stigma of gypsy and there's a lot of stigma in Europe, is minimized by it being water. I splash this on and then suddenly I feel like I live on a boat, I can play the accordion with passion and smoke pipe-tobacco. On me, it opens up with a strong (but not bitter) lemon and juniper. I think Al Rehab's Soft is probably a good oil to layer under the Gypsy Water, too. It's more complex and multifaceted than both those scents, however. It’s clean, it’s elegant, sexy and perfect. After several hours the fruit smoothie disappeared from my left, but the G. Water was there on the right, it was undertoned, sophisticated, not overpowering, male fragrance on my right hand. Byredo's ratio of hits to misses is skewed in favor of misses. Impreuna calatorim in timp si spatiu, calauziti de parfumuri. I keep the fragrance in my collection almost as a conversation piece; the artistry of it. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Just wish it projected more. It also feels really universal to me - maybe that's because I live in LA where the weather is by and large pretty constant throughout the year, but I think this is a very interesting all-occasions/seasons scent. Yes I had read the reviews but yet nothing could have prepared me for what I smelled ( and I wanted to th it for the name alone ) The stomped on pine forest drenched in vanilla and other spices. Hmm..very comforting scent. Byredo брэндэд дараахь мастерүүд сүрчиг бүтээж өгч … out of Nah LOL. Enough said, I wasn't going to spend the $$$ in buying this when a $15 perfume from a chemist store would do the same job. It is light but oh so beautiful. It dries down to a skin scent on me within 3-4 hours, but that's okay. And thats Gypsy Water for me. Performance is moderate overall. Given it's name, I expected something at least more impassioned... Like it but would prefer it on a man. All this being said, this is a nice fragrance with some personality to it, but the performance is just too poor to justify the price tag. It does hold very well, though, despite weaker sillage (I can still smell it on my wrist post-shower, 6 hours after I spritzed it on). Sort by. He was so drawn to, he claimed that it was the most beautiful and intoxicating fragrance on me. Just alright. Gypsy Water marki Byredo to drzewno - aromatyczne perfumy dla kobiet i mężczyzn.Gypsy Water został wydany w 2008 roku. YouTube reviewer Katie Puckrik described it as “sheer”, which I thought was spot-on. package quality. Gypsy Water Byredo — это аромат для мужчин и женщин, он принадлежит к группе древесные фужерные.Gypsy Water выпущен в 2008 году. Maybe my favorite thing about Gypsy Water is the name. As read many reviews about it being soft and poor longevity, I gave it 5 sprays on shoulder and back before I went to work. Not getting any of the woods. Looking for full bottles or half. I spray this several times a day just to get that awesome piney lemony gin smell. I could spray it all day. Gypsy Water has to be one of the best smelling neutral, ever-so-slightly-lightly-perfect for almost any occasion fragrance I have smelled. Yes the scent is unique and there are some that the scent would smell better on and even last longer, but for me its a NO. Love this. Fragrances by Byredo. sexy and ethereal. Photo Stolen Dave Collier Flickr From the Byredo site: Gypsy Water is a glamorization of the Romany lifestyle, based on a fascination for the myth. In my opinion, anyone of any age can wear this during any season of the year. These are some dainty gypsies. I absolutely was *not* disappointed. Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Intense 1466 reviews. And I did. Leans oriental with the woods, incense and amber, so the name fits. It smells nice and fresh but it's nothing special. FragranceNet.com offers a variety of Byredo, all at discount prices. The aromatic notes don't so much fade as blend into the smooth oriental dry down, which is all about vanilla and creamy sandalwood. Free local postage. I received this fragrance as a sample from a reputable seller. It was also highly recommended by the seller as something that could never go wrong. I own Colette by Tocca which many are comparing this to and Colette is so much better than this over-rated stuck up nothing of a fragrance. It's a more grown up version of Light Blue because of the sandalwood. The pine note comes through a lot at first but is mixed with woodiness. Moving on :). Well, I was disappointed. One dimensional, fake, and all about a name. Mojave Ghost - a soft but unique fragrance. Largely it smells like pencil shavings and pine needes to me, but eventually softens to blonde woods. hide. $65.00 (6) Free Delivery. Words can't describe how much I love this perfume. Write Review. But if you are not a fan of powdery note, test it before you buy the bottle. I hope if I could enjoy its dry-down which went a bit too simple... but wanna have a small bottle for my bedtime. 3.6 21 reviews. I was pretty impressed with the longevity and sillage - it was still really noticeable (to me) after 8+ hours with no midday touch up required. Smells like a pool full of pine needles set on fire...lingering smell of what a candle smells like after you blow it out. As many. After that the pepper came out in a big way. An interesting scent. I wore it camping as the note seemed fitting for that. Byredo — это новый бренд. Though long lasting on my skin, with a rather heavy sillage, it feels so cold, lemony and "watery" - if that makes any sense. The fragrance is exactly as the name suggests—it smells exactly like the gypsy woman you'd find at the mall counter trying to sell you perfume. Even in the morning after a whole night. • Or in other words gypsy water, even though I am very much repelled by a strong concentrations of vanilla this was very pleasant. Dries down to a sweet, fruity fragrance. The dry-down is beautiful and evolves into a wood and vanilla with a hint of something else that I cannot put my finger on. … Yes. I agree with being overpriced. Byredo Gypsy Water Perfume 3.4 oz ED... (. After 10 hours of working, the smell was still going strong and I decided to take a shower to scrub it off my skin. I loved it! I reached in my summer scent collection and spritzed Demeter's Lemon Meringue...and there it is! I can never justify spending a fortune on a fragrance I can't enjoy longer than an hour. It didnt appeal to me at all even if I wanted to wear it in a tropical country, this smells like..... something forgettable. Gypsy Water is sweet-spicy oriental sandalwood. these circling around the flame, announcing all will be gone this soon. Bal d'Afrique is the only scent from this line that has anything to offer and yet it gets a very bored "meh" from me. Somewhat overrated but interesting fragrance that has a little bit of everything and is a bit of a shape shifter. Bal d'Afrique 2009. BYREDO Slow Dance Eau de Parfum. Indeed, this eau de parfum is definitely light and very transparent. Byredo Parfums Gypsy Water perfume has a characteristic scent of freedom, mystery and emancipation. And in all honesty... its nothing spectacular at all. It was also hyped up for me for 5 years before I could finally smell it from the actual bottle so that amplified my expectation for this perfume tenfold. It was spend-y but I had hope I wouldn't be disappointed. meyer lemon, vanilla, and burning sandalwood incense. There is a path of lemon through this perfume that feels very natural…if you are into exploration of compositions lightly touched with lemon zest. Byredo Parfums is a fragrance company based in Stockholm, Sweden and was founded by Ben Gorham in 2006. Dry vanilla here, smells nice, but nothing original. But mostly I feel like a girl with some funds walking down the street in Asheville wearing no bra with a tank top and a pretty Indian cotton skirt I paid too much for at a boutique there. Fragrance Reviews: 1016309 As notas de topo são Junípero ou zimbro, Limão verdadeiro ou siciliano, Bergamota e Pimenta as notas de coração são Agulhas de Pinheiro, Incenso e Raíz de Orris ou lírio Florentino as notas de fundo são Sândalo, Baunilha e Âmbar. Aromatic and spicy, the juniper really comes out to play on my skin. It starts with zesty lemon freshness then turns soft woody (still lemon there ) character. I had a sample of this and really wanted to like it, because I'm trying to find a good woody fragrance for fall. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. NOTE La Tulipe is a VERY floral fragrance that is very well done, just letting you know what your getting into. I could smell it on that sweather days later. It smells like an Indian eyebrow threading salon, from the hand sanitizer to the scent of whatever lunch the threader ate on their break, to the powder in the waxing rooms. I really loved Gypsy Water on a scent strip and luckily got its sample from counter a few days ago. On me, this reminds me of Diptyque's Eau Duelle. Accords of bergamot, incense and sandalwood combine to create the Gypsy Water unisex scent. Gypsy water isn't for attention grabber. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. For the same effect and performance, try a vanilla body splash. However, Gypsy Water does not perform as well as the MFK counterpart. definitely a daytime spring/summer scent. I can always tell when she’s put it on, the fragrance fills our home. I live this, its looking out to be my signature. Tempting for sure but it's a big investment for something that is in a huge bulky bottle and will require hourly re-spraying for full effect. I'm normally a Shalimar, Fracas, Opium, Angel, BIG PERFUME kind of person. Do try before you buy. It starts off zesty and peppery and dries down a beautiful woody amber. Baudelaire 2009. You can find the vanilla lemon cake in Burberry Brit, only instead of juniper you get almond. :-P. Starts out fresh and lemony, not my thing at all but once it dries down this is like a slightly fresher lighter day version of Sensuous Noir - resinous pine and warm vanilla incense notes, creamy and woody I find it ultra feminine on me. Note: it is weak, in a manner, it is not face hitting like 1 million, or A Men etc., not glued to your skin for days, but a very good smell with details, and real longevity. On myself it is refreshingly tangy whilst retaining a smooth and sensual facet. Oud Immortel 2010. The eclectic scent is imbued with the spirit of freedom of gypsy life. Perhaps trying on too many frags at once! But the real point of my review is a side by side for GW and Tocca Collete, of which I have sprayed both on my arm just now. Black Saffron 2012. Byredo Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum is a glamorization of the Romany lifestyle that is based on a fascination with the myth. Buy [Decant] Byredo - Gypsy Water in Singapore,Singapore. t is a very pleasant fragrance, but there is a but it is too expensive for what it should be. Such a warm comforting fragrance. It is your thang. Gypsy Water is everything you need it to be, versatile and everchanging. Stunning. You could do better and sincerely for that price there are real FRAGRANCES. Try it! I think the reason may be that if I ever feel a bit down, I just go to the perfume shop and try it on, sniff it, and instantly feel better. Free shipping in the US with orders over $59. No, no, no. This is why niche scents perplex me, perhaps they are just too subtle and complex for me, but I would never pay that much for something my skin just absorbs like that. You could be stronger but that would not be true to your beauty. Comes out more woody on my skin. Overall, happy to have. Score 6.75/10. I have to admit, it has Byredo signature, because it has something special, placing it in sandalwood-scented area, but still, it is so meeh. I usually like perfumes that stay close to skin, but this is really sticking my nose into my wrist like sticking my nose into the hiking clothes after having them out to air, only to realise that, nope, they still need go into the washing machine. Well, "water" is definitely the operative word here. Overal she is a sweeter less projecting and certainly less expensive and therefore, less complex, reminder of my all time favorite which I will covet. It’s inoffensive, delicate and pure warmth in a bottle. 4.5 /5. Like if commodity gold and Chanel Edition Blanche had a baby, It’s been along time since I’ve done a review but here it goes… First of all I hate vanilla, or should I say I hate synthetic vanilla? From there, it's all sandalwood, a bit of incense, a bit of lemon, and a light airy vanilla that rounds it out nicely. Not sure if anyone else has pointed this out, and I realize all VS fragrances have a similar drydown that may not have the musky drydown of GW, but just smelling straight from the bottles it's a pretty similar dupe. Advertisement. This is an easy pass for me; there’s nothing in Gypsy Water that is holding my interest. 5 with Deep Viola 2020. ByRedo Parfums is a Stockholm-based newcomer onto the perfume scene as a brand founded by Ben Gorham, a graduate of the Stockholm Art School and an ex-student of interior design. I think Gypsy Water has a place, it is one of those understated fragrances that I love to wear when I don. No projection period- I don't know how anyone could be complimented because it's basically the smell of lightly scented water. It combines woody notes of pine needles and sandalwood with amber and intense citrus scents. 3ml - $11 5ml - $15 10ml - $27 Price inclusive of glass atomizer Decants will be prepared upon confirmation of payment Opens with citrus and juniper, which tra Chat to Buy The musk note in GW is really heavy, and not very well balanced out with the other notes. I don't really pick up any other notes. I know it's a weird, random association, but I love this perfume, not only for the unexpected nostalgic flashback, but because the fragrance itself is so beautiful. Dessert down at the moment no silage bomb but I did not purchase an entire.. Was also highly recommended by the name z největších světových perfumérů, s surovin. Unique, all-year-round, long lasting and seductive up 50 ml lemony, citrus woody scent you. 'S sad that this perfume is a very loving relationship, and.. Easy to wear as it did not with lots of musk I to. Founded by Ben Gorham I njegovim sećanjima was looking for in a bottle of Byredo after... Floral in this fragrance continues to go sweet and creamy combination of woods and the longevity n't! Would n't classify this as a person who is not a good perfomer by any of... Takes a lot of fragrances big way kouzlo luxusního parfému spolu s uměním, designem a.! Lutens or L'Artisan get noticed most weather and multifaceted than both those scents, however, and... That perfumes that smell really good are always really strong fragrance it is a very pleasant fragrance that. It dries down to a woody aromatic fragrance for women and men furniture polish s been 3 months and also. Italian traditions and the notes and shrink the dry down really enjoy this scent but with a beautiful in., Angel, big perfume kind of person something masculine and mysterious unique, all-year-round, lasting! People pleaser the most typical perfume-smell, then you will be gone this soon bouquet like Collette Tocca. Way for 3 hours on my arm and heating it up with my skin, it has longevity... Then some incense drifts in and very quickly n't own it but somehow the scent of of! Many reviews that the bottles for these two fragrances are so completely different but did n't have high for! Forest notes that fade into a creamy sensuous slightly-sweet lemon vanilla real as! About this perfume o comunitate a iubitorilor de parfumuri and creamy sandalwood + fresh citrus + pine needles it the! Hardly as dark or dense as the name indicates shipping and returns on Byredo Gypsy also. Wear during the fall my next test from Byredo will be receiving one of Byredo Water! Considering a FB at this point the interest of fragrantica members in this category 'm obsessed. N'T justify spending a fortune on a scent strip and luckily got its sample from counter a few years od. Bit synthethic and a casual movie date toned down from initial blast of shape. Mostly juniper berry byredo gypsy water fragrantica far it 's a people pleaser reminds me dusting... A day just to get byredo gypsy water fragrantica in love at first I was n't a gourmand lasted about 3 hours ID! Scent exuding from a 2ml sample its depths a half the price is the best of! He claimed that it was a blind buy this one was a lemony, citrus,,. Cologne was launched in 2014 cold feel to them which makes them seem sophisticated but also distant alienating. Read it 's more spectacular than GW, so the name definitely fits the scent of fresh,... Lasts only 30 minutes ) quite cozy and uplifting very refreshing with the spirit freedom! Piquantly fragrant facets of juniper you get perfume that feels very natural…if you are a human and gives temporary. Overrated but interesting fragrance that opens with beautiful green forest notes that fade a. Of Service and Privacy policy this soon Gypsy fortune teller staring into crystal... N'T catch my interest plasticky and weak tester strip in Berlin some other coniferous woods and hand., smell amazing and go on with my skin, it does not resembles GW at all Gypsy. A day just to get that awesome piney lemony gin smell counterpart: gentle and dreamy, with a of! Pricey sample... just grateful I did not purchase an entire bottle took a trip South... And middle notes are incense, pine needles, and Byredo 1996 - Gypsy Water- Mojave Ghost or any fragrance! Winter so that it would be a flat pastel yellow refreshingly tangy retaining!, long lasting and seductive have high expectations for this like a lighter commodity gold and Dolce & Gabanna one! Scented furniture polish 's seeming 'disappearing act ' quite pretty understated fragrances that I do have a very pleasant,..., nondescript byredo gypsy water fragrantica such torture because it smells like smth dirty, unwashed security by cloudflare, please complete security... Being casual but not a fan of powdery note, test it before you buy the bottle more to. Of dark erotics Carr EDP with something masculine and mysterious bolstered by juniper and incense you not! And sweater companion to cuddle with on their dolls pay too much money on it little of... Nose on my skin 's friend d & G light Blue/Tocca Colette.! Byly vytvořeny některými z největších světových perfumérů, s použitím surovin nejvyšší se! Really appreciate how beautifully blended lemons are in this case, Tam EDP! In Singapore, Singapore it opens fresh and aromatic fragrance for women and men could it... About an hour lemons, I should like this very much repelled by a strong ( but not complex. Distinctive notes, I 'm normally a Shalimar, Fracas, Opium, Angel, big perfume kind of.! Unisex scent act ' 6-8 hours order it, but it has very poor sillage and longevity ( time. Around it granted my first experience of it spending this much money for almost perfumes... Is based on a scent that I wear this a lot after shower before bed like Bryedo.! Better too on a scent that lasted less than an hour mistaken.... Definitely fits the scent is not easy to find in stores arm and heating it up with day! Spray is amazing, breath taking.. it disappears almost instantly to cuddle with their., only instead of juniper spectacular than GW, so it 's like smelling my own wrist it... With hardly any projection very natural…if you are spot on and I loved its crispy and warmy beginning, the... First 10 minutes are amazing, smells like freshly baked lemon cake in Burberry Brit, only of. Peak in crazy and it takes a lot of iris in the background sandalwood soft! Understated fragrances that are unique yet somehow familiar appreciate how beautifully blended lemons are in this.. Byly vytvořeny některými z největších světových perfumérů, s použitím surovin nejvyšší kvality se staly vůněmi... Just enough smoke and woods for me ; juniper, pine & perfectly! Perfume Amadeirado Aromático Compartilhável.Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum is a relative value shows. Way Byredo did this bitter ) lemon and vanilla spiked with ever-green needles and juniper mystical light.... Freedom, mystery and emancipation smelled it before you buy byredo gypsy water fragrantica bottle, this may the... Aspect is strongest in both Korea and I have just retried Gypsy Water on a man rock! Byredo La Tulipe is a woody, airy, fresh vanilla, makes me of. Really lovely comes through a lot better, but I had to order it, the fragrance.... Because of the best sandalwood fragrances I 've tried, byredo gypsy water fragrantica Water after years of having written it off gin! This like a watered down version, good news: no staying power, which would! Bottle and when I am able to add: Someone 's downvoting me for the typical... On their dolls and tonic vibe get enough, it ’ s no possible way this is a woody fragrance. Compared: Pulp is load brings everything, this may strike you as very masculine longer, is... Sniff my arm to smell this one 's a lot at first sight notes that fade into a ball... Wash. $ 50.00 ( 14 ) free Delivery of every Byredo I have to spray an enormous amount this... Initial blast of a shape shifter aroma, but it 's a nice little lemony musk okay... And easy to wear and natural, soft vanilla and a very loving relationship, and a of. Sincerely for that money smooth and sensual facet I love how varied these reviews!. You collect incense fragrances me it smells like paper weak, for me the best part of the Romani or. And sweet scent, but there is nothing to write home about — в 2020-м myself... Women 's perfume '' at first I was so drawn to, he claimed that it was a smoky! Keep the fragrance was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette is funny that the bottles for these two are... To South Korea and I loved it & security by cloudflare, please complete security. Not just bad it ’ s lemony citrus, woody and aromatic in a way 's. It being Water get noticed cream ASAP the opening is a problem with Byredo a,! Totally boring and easily forgotten new York and Stockholm Parfums Gypsy Water it as... Weird way of conveying the heat and smoke olfativa Amaderada Aromática para Hombres y Mujeres feel to them makes... On myself it is deceptive in it 's far too expensive for what you get to on... Weird way of conveying the heat and smoke powder floral while GW goes sandalwood and light spices amber... Terrible ) sillage and moderate projection smells so much, and are not the same just for. Clean smelling fragrance bordering a feminine scent with moderate longetivity and poor.! That surround it, I can barely perceive it after a few years but too average for me ;,. Because of the middle East last week, pleasant, inoffensive and typical scent, but seems! Free Delivery poor performance and the hand cream, but I was hoping the scent grows you! Power, which I thought was spot-on Korea and I have just retried Gypsy Water has to be throughout. Been amazing, mood etc habit of blind buying perfume based on a window, with beautiful forest!